The Bonesmith’s Union


Dead Deco spots some digital ink on the state of the “muerte arts” union, and shares a bit of our ongoing exchange on the calavera culture…

Dead Deco

Comrade's CalacasWhat a great week on Dead Deco.  We heard from Laura Barbosa on 5Qs about her Day of the Dead paintings and the growing popularity of this holiday on the New Jersey shore.  On Tat Tues, looked at some interesting matching finger tattoos and investigated their meaning.  This week, our editor & chief, mr.Lou, shared some insight into his personal attempt to hand make every piece of art for hisofrenda this year.  T-shirt Thursday was made extra special this week by announcing Dead Deco‘s pledge to donate all profits from the sale of our “Calavera Help” shirt to SAY Sí.

Dead Deco was inspired to take action for SAY Sí, a nonprofit that provides year-round free art education to kids, because of a recent comment by Comrade’s Calacas of the Bonesmith’s Union.  The comment was written in response to our posting from…

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