The Bonesmith’s Union: Clay Lindo’s “Joey and the Zombie”


I was contemplating doing something Halloween-themed this year, but–thanks to the endless talent and unparalleled quirkiness of Ms. Tamra Kohl–the holiday’s calavera-related needs have been effectively handled:

Boo, sucka!

Run, bone-boy, run!

The piece is currently up for auction at eBay, and the opening bid is WAY too low. Check it out at the following link!

Joey and the Zombie!

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  1. I love this work. Ms. Tamra Kohl, of Clay Lindo, really has captured some of the season’s fun in this piece. She will be sharing her thoughts on Day of the Dead next week in an interview at Dead Deco.

    • Tamra also has the distinction of being one of the kindest and most supportive artists that I’ve ever had the pleasure of corresponding with. It seems like the wires of competition and commerce get twisted up entirely too often, especially in the small sub-genres of the arts scene; the fact that someone of her caliber and notoriety took the time to respond to a certain aspiring nobody “bonesmith-in-the-making” years ago says tons about what a sterling individual she really is.

      I look forward to reading that interview, no doubt!

      • That is awesome! Too often, I see artist communities sprout online filled with people whose only bond is through their obligatory quid-pro-quo of “likes” on their related social networks. It sounds like you and the Bonesmith’s Union are building something more meaningful than that. I hope you all continue to find each other and support each other. The internet blanket-vendor lifestyle is tough, but at least it is comforting to know there are vendors like Ms. Tamra and you nearby.

      • Lou,

        I think it’d be news to Tamra that she’s been unofficially inducted into that “Bonesmith’s Union” tag; I just seem to have a weird need for catchy titles whenever I’m trying to encompass a collective culture. LOL!

        But yes: our recent discussions made me realize how crucial it is to do one’s part in pushing not only their own work, but that of the folks who are in the same lockstep. Tamra’s certainly that, though I often feel more like I’m nipping at her heels when it comes to the quality of her pieces… 😀

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